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Uploading Rulesets with a manager application

Before the applet can be used, the meter must be programmed with the flow specification it should use. For this purpose, the manager functionality of the programs that come with NeTraMet can be used. Supposed that the meter is running on host ksoc3mon, the SNMP write community name is frieder and the rulesets to use would be specified in a file called myxrules, the rulesets could be uploaded to the meter either by calling nifty as
nifty -c 120 -r myxrules ksoc3mon frieder
or by calling NeMaC as:
NeMaC -c 120 -r myxrules ksoc3mon frieder

An example for a ruleset file can be found in Appendix A. Within the ruleset file it is possible to change the letters or symbols that are used to depict the flows of different kinds. Please confirm the nifty manual[*] for details.