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Starting the NeTraMet meter

Before the applet can be used, a NeTraMet meter that is to be queried must be installed at the measurement point. If the OC3MON NeTraMet is to be used, this must be started from the DOS command line as follows, where ``frieder'' in this example is the SNMP write community name for write-access to the meter.
mode co80,50
ntmoc3 -5 -wfrieder

The environment variables that have to be set are used by the OC3MON code and are not relevant for operation of NeTraMet.

In case of the UNIX version of NeTraMet being used, the meter would have to be started as user ``root'' with the following command:

NeTraMet -wfrieder

Once the meter is started, it will analyze all packets that it sees and will try to aggregate them to flows as defined by the rulesets that are uploaded to it.